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Points of View

When I got started on this odyssey a couple of months ago, to get caught up on the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal, one of the first books I turned to for research was Thomas Berger’s Northern Frontier, Northern Homeland … Continue reading

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Respect. It’s such an little word, sitting here on the page, looking all innocent. Respect – From the Latin “re” meaning back, and “specere” to look at, therefore to look back. It’s a tricky little word; can cause a lot … Continue reading

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So much changes, so much stays the same

It was so long ago, I barely remember the 1970s – pre-home computer, and seriously pre-World Wide Web. Can we even cast our minds back that far, remember what a pre cell-phone/texting day was like at all? No facebook? No … Continue reading

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In all the grandeur, and hoping for an ordinary life

Once upon a time, in a different lifetime, somewhere in the early 1970’s I lived in Kitimat BC for a number of years. It was a strange life there – living in a company town. It was so suburban! … … Continue reading

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