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The glue that holds us fast!

The all-community march to cast  “non-confidence votes” at Ministry of Forests offices in Queen Charlotte to protest logging practices on Haida Gwaii was followed by a Unity Dinner and the signing of the Unity Book. – Spruceroots photo See Spruceroots … Continue reading

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In defiance of a tragedy foretold

Coming away from the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Joint Review hearings in Old Massett and Skidegate this past month, and after a few days of letting everything settle, I still feel the strength of many good people, and I am … Continue reading

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The courage to be

It’s about Haida Gwaii. And it’s about Haida people, most certainly. And it’s also about an encounter of the Haida Nation and the communities of Haida Gwaii with the federal government of Canada as represented in the Enbridge Northern Gateway … Continue reading

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Naked facts and other revelations

When I began this blog not so long ago I thought I was setting off on one journey, only to find some weeks later that actually I am off on quite a different path. At first I thought I wanted … Continue reading

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How many ways can you say N-O?

I, for one, am so glad to see that big, strong, broad alliances are spreading their wings and growing to unify all our different communities in opposition to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal. As the Joint Review Panel makes … Continue reading

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Beyond more – and other desperate measures

The more I study the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline and the Alberta Tar Sands, the more at a loss I feel. It’s like you open the top of my head, pour in buckets of facts and numbers, close the … Continue reading

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Promises of spring

This is what I know today. The snow drops under the old oak tree near the beach have bloomed. And the daffodils are up about four inches. The salmon berries have tiny buds opening on them; promise of glowing red and … Continue reading

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