Promises of spring

Snowdrops at the Landing

This is what I know today. The snow drops under the old oak tree near the beach have bloomed. And the daffodils are up about four inches. The salmon berries have tiny buds opening on them; promise of glowing red and orange berries to come. The elderberry branches are leafing out. Great fountaining sprays of greenery and clumps of bright red berries to come. The spring birds are singing themselves silly in the early morning. The robins have arrived back in busy flocks.

Elderberry in the sun


The seaweed gatherers have been out on the evening low tides as the moon becomes full today. My daughter has brought us some, gathered, dried and toasted! The small boats have been out in the inlet trolling for spring salmon. And Jags sighted a small pod of orca out front of his place last week.

There were frosty mornings early this week and snow squalls last weekend. Looking out across Skidegate Inlet from our house to Moresby Island, the peaks of the mountains ranging south to Cape St. James are gleaming and glistening in winter brightness. The sun, when it shines, is intense enough now to warm your winter bones. The days are light past suppertime.

The weather changes today as a southeaster blows in. Winds 50 to 60 knots, they say.

Skidegate Inlet



About blue sea sky

By Cynthia Jones Davies, writer researcher who lives on Haida Gwaii.
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