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Cry for Canada

So, I woke up on this silver-bright Haida Gwaii spring morning with something nagging away at me. You know, that simmering kind of frustration that is likely to blow the top off something by noon, if you don’t knuckle down … Continue reading

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A ship’s end: No white linen and a lot of black oil

The Pacific coast of the continent is almost as beautiful in the state of Washington as it is on Haida Gwaii; where forests shoulder their way down to the sea, rivers tumble down the mountain sides to the shore, where … Continue reading

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A ship’s life: white linen and black oil

This is the story of the Union Steamship Lines SS Catala, the ship that helped rescue the 48-member crew of the Zalinski when it went down in Grenville Channel in 1946. (Aside: This was supposed to be an end note, … Continue reading

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Time bombs ticking

In following up a few questions I still had in my mind about my last post, I was actually shocked to stumble into this world of new-to-me information that I had no idea existed As I was digging a little … Continue reading

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Back from oblivion

I first heard about this story while listening to the broadcasts of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel hearings in Hartley Bay in early March. It’s a story that has stuck in my mind ever since. Pretty well everybody … Continue reading

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Deep in memory something stirs

Today is Easter Sunday. There has been a great full moon this week, huge and bright, the sea shining silver brightly in the night, and shimmering away so calmly on the big tides flowing in and out of Skidegate Inlet.  … Continue reading

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After the storm

Well, my kids and I have been having a little go-around on Facebook, as my friends might have noticed. It has to do with my attachment to weather news, weather forecasts, and weather warnings, which my kids collectively lump together … Continue reading

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