The communities of Haida Gwaii are no strangers to the tough politics and polarities of environmental and land use debates.

Today, looking out eastward from the beaches of Haida Gwaii toward mainland Canada, we are drawn yet again into the deep currents of the day: energy development, climate change, tar sands, pipelines and supertankers in west coast waters. Facing behemoth corporations, global geopolitics, and catastrophic risks, communities up and down the coast and all across the northern route of the proposed Northern Gateway Enbridge pipeline are speaking out. The grassroots groundswell has never been so loud.

It’s got my attention.

This blog is my attempt to navigate the massive load of digital data, chatter, blather, discourse, discussion and debate. I want to learn what’s happening and write about what really matters to me, my friends and relatives, and communities of the north coast.

It’s also about life and living on Haida Gwaii because that’s what I do and what I care about, a lot.

I am Cynthia Davies, a writer/researcher living on Haida Gwaii.

2 Responses to About

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish each and every person in British Columbia, no, the world, would stop what they are doing at the same time and protest this destruction to our earth, and instead of building pipelines and refining oil, we need for the big business people to invest in creating solutions for our planet that will benefit EVERYONE, immediately. It is important, and the people benefitting from this are too blinded by money to see the destruction.

  2. JDR Currie says:

    Fantastic writing. Thank you for sharing both your research and frontline opinions on the pipeline process and life. As a Canadian currently working in abroad, your information, impressions and analysis surpass what is available from ‘MediaCorp’. Great way to keep up to date. Your posts make me miss home like crazy! Take care and good luck. The fight will be a long one and all of our corrupt government’s tools will be employed to try and force the pipeline through. However, whatever official reports may say, the people are clearly united. In the end, that will prove more powerful. Keep writing, we’re reading!

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